Residency Program

The Luminary invites applications for our 2018 Residency Program.

As a leading artist-run and artist-centric space, The Luminary supports exceptional ideas and initiatives by providing dedicated time, considered collaborations and a supportive working environment. The program is open to all artists, curators and critics, but uniquely supports the research, development and presentation of work that utilizes innovative forms and unconventional structures such as alternative spaces and economies, publications and writing, archives, collaborations, artist-led projects and experimental institutional practices.

Though open to all applicants, particular attention for 2018 will be given to the theme of New Constitutions: Commoning the Institution. For the year, we invite proposals that rethink the relationship between the individual and the institution, asking questions such as: How does an artist, art writer or curator reshape an institution’s practice, its publics, or its politics? How do economies of care and collaboration reshape the institution? How do we work past the individual economies of the art world and advance new conceptions of the commons? Participants may propose to alter our administrative procedures or physical environment; propose new uses of space or initiate other spaces within our own; rework our public relations or intervene within our online presence; or thoroughly reimagine how we relate with artists and circulate within the art world.

In 2018, The Luminary will accept twelve residents in three phases: April and May; June and July; and September and October. Residencies are two weeks up to six weeks in duration and each resident will receive a $500 stipend plus additional project support, spacious private accommodations, shared studio space, and connections with local artists, curators and galleries. Each resident is expected to work towards an exhibition, publication, institutional collaboration or other public program during their residency.

Applications are due September 15th, 2017 for residencies taking place throughout 2018.

To apply, please fill out the online application.

Residency for Artist Parents

Additionally, thanks to the support of the Sustainable Arts Foundation, we will offer a dedicated residency for artists, critics and curators with children. While we are always supportive of proposals from artist parents, these select residencies will come with additional financial support, assistance with childcare, and a personalized environment for the unique needs of families.

To apply, please fill out the online application and simply note that you are an artist parent.

Please note there is a non-refundable $25 application fee.
For questions regarding the application process, please contact

See: Residency Program FAQs
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Special Residency Session for Black Artists

Throughout 2017, The Luminary is hosting a special residency session supporting the work of 8 leading St. Louis artists. The Luminary will support the group individually and collectively through studio space, visits with critics and curators, participation in exhibitions, consultation, documentation, archiving, writing and more in response to the shifting needs and concerns of the participants. The session is an experiment in direct care and communal collaboration, asking how we as an institution can share not only our resources, but our power to better serve black artists in particular in this critical moment for our city and nation’s history, as well as be interrogated ourselves to learn together towards new institutional forms.

(Image credit: Participating resident Addoley Dzegede, Obama Oloba)

International Exchange

In 2013, The Luminary initiated an international exchange program to create an exchange of opportunities between artists, curators and organizations in St. Louis and another international city. In most cases both residency accommodations and exhibition opportunities will be provided, but each exchange will be unique. This program is currently by invitation only.

2016 BERLIN: Nightmare City and Regina Martinez at Center for Art and Urbanism
2014 FLORENCE: Radical Intention and US English
2013 COPENHAGEN: Heidi Hove and Daniel McGrath


FLOAT is an annual, off-site, short-term gathering that will utilize innovative residency structures to create intensive points of exchange. Each year’s weeklong intensive FLOAT will have a different theme explored in conjunction with a guest artist or curator, and will always involve time spent on a river. Currently inactive.

FLOAT 2015: Tactical Walking Camp [An Imperative to Map]
FLOAT 2014: [Collective] Isolation with Radical Intention

Generous support for the residency program comes from the National Endowment for the Arts, Regional Arts Commission, Bluefield Engineering and The Luminary's members.