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In Residence: Dan Miller

Continuing our "in residence" series, James McAnally speaks with recent resident Dan Miller on his collaborative practices, the different contexts of working in Australia, Chicago and then St. Louis, and his attempts at working past established individual and institutional forms.

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Temporary Art Review


Lore of the Radio Fossil

Sophie Dyer and Sasha Engelmann tell the speculative story of a ‘radio fossil’: a radio-borne image that traverses the bounds of Earth’s surfaces, elements, atmospheres and techno-geographies.

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A Painter’s Refusal

In this essay, published in collaboration with Number, Matt Christy imagines the act of painting as a polite refusal against the instrumentalization of labor and knowledge.

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Current Residents

2017 Special Residency Session

The Luminary's special residency session supports eight leading St. Louis-based black artists, including Lyndon Barrois Jr., Addoley Dzegede, Jen Everett, Kahlil Irving, Dani and Kevin McCoy (WORK/PLAY), De Nichols, and Kat Reynolds.

Anamaya Farthing-Kohl

Anamaya Farthing-Kohl is an artist based in Mexico City who works with installation, performance and text, often residing in the public sphere.

Contributors Inc (Mimi Cabell and Phoebe Stubbs)

Contributors Inc. is a collaborative archive-based artistic research project by Mimi Cabell (Providence, RI) and Phoebe Stubbs (London, UK) with a specific focus: What can working only with the information from the contents pages of magazines of art and culture reveal about art’s critical history and canon?

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